Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the world would be a better place

... if everyone had the manners of my three-year-old.

Sure he sometimes forgets to flush the potty, and yeah, he loves to hear himself burp (the louder the better). But he's also very into giving compliments and saying sugary sweet things these days. I think he gets a kick out of my reactions more than anything else. But I know it won't last, so I'm enjoying every minute of it.

I swear, when he unexpectedly pulls out one of his sweet doozies, I completely fall to pieces -- its so darn funny and always totally out of left field, which makes it that much more endearing.

His current favorites are, "Sure, Mommy! I'd be happy to!" Even if I'm just asking him to open the back door for the dogs, or to turn off the TV before we leave the house, his cheery "Sure, Mommy! I'd be happy to!" is so totally sincere, I'm forced to scoop him up and kiss him to pieces.

And one day this week when I was feeling particularly rushed and frazzled while trying to get ready and get us out the door, he looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, "You look like a princess, Mommy." Holy moly -- is someone paying him to say these things?! I don't care if he doesn't know the difference between a princess and the lady at the McDonald's drive-through window (she's way cool, by the way), I DO! And damn if it doesn't feel good to have someone call you one. :)

But the hands down best is the the totally out of the blue, "I love you, Mommy." -- I'm a goner every time. I've been sort of blue and missing things over the past few days, and hearing this grounds me like nothing else can.

Yep. I'm thinking that the Palestinians and Israelis could probably iron out their differences if they just mixed in an occasional, "Sure, I'd be happy to!"

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Beverly said...

Is it possible to love someone more? I don't think so.

My boy.