Thursday, August 06, 2009

a picture speaks ...

... a million words.

We had family portraits taken this summer while we were up in Washington. Anyone who knows me at all is familiar with my near-phobia of having my picture taken. Honest-to-God ... we're talking cold sweats here.

The brilliant, kind, gentle and most of all, patient Tara Staton talked me out of my craze for a little while, and I temporarily put my neurotic thoughts on the back-burner. I'm so glad I did. We now have "official" memories of the best summer ever.

In addition to our favorite prints of the session, we splurged and actually purchased a large canvas and had some black and whites of Aidan dry-mounted for the wall. They arrived via FedEx today, and I'm so giddy with the results.


Library Girl said...

Speechless. Gorgeous. :)

Beverly said...

I like these. You give these to me.

(Would look beautiful as part of my new photo wall cluster/display)

< sigh >

She really did do a lovely job.