Wednesday, September 09, 2009

an alternative to the coffee monopoly

It might not be the sexy thing to admit, as far as supporting grass-roots mom-and-pop businesses, but I love Starbucks coffee. I love the smell. I love the strong, semi-burned taste. I love the atmosphere -- complete with big comfy chairs and hip, [usually] indie music. The whole package is a dream to my senses, and not much else even comes close.

Unfortunately, Starbucks has jacked up their prices ... again. So I'm pretty much finished with 'em. Unless I have a gift card (which as a teacher, I frequently do), or am absolutely jonesing for a pumpkin spice latte on a cold, Friday, December morning, I've decided that I just can't justify paying that much for a flippin' cup of coffee.

The problem is, I miss it. Friends and colleagues have encouraged me to try McDonald's coffee. I have, and I'm not a fan. Horrifically, I found a roach, an antennae and a bug leg in the coffee creamer container at work, so that's out. I try and organize myself enough to make my own pot once I get to school, but that just doesn't always happen. Damn! What's a java junkie to do?

Enter Sonic. Woo hoo! Their coffee ROCKS! I made this accidental discovery a few weeks ago when I made a quick stop on my way to work. I ordered my usual Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade, but once I got to the window, I decided I wanted a cup of coffee first. Their hot mocha latte is divine. It's smooth, creamy, and delish! I almost cried.

I had it again this morning and still love it. So I'm not missing out anymore! Take that and stick it in your cash register, Starbucks.

Now ... here's hoping Sonic will provide pumpkin spice lattes around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. My fingers are firmly crossed.

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Beverly said...

... if only they delivered ... I'm drowning ....