Saturday, September 12, 2009

saturday in the cherry orchard

It's been a cloudy and rainy Saturday in good ol' H-Town, Texas. I love lazy days like this. The Ags have an off week, so we gloriously had absolutely nowhere to go and nobody to see -- perfection.

The main event of the day, complete with college football on the TV in the background of course, was teaching Aidan how to play a classic -- Hi-Ho-Cherry-O. As fun as its been and as hard as we've laughed, I have to admit that I've officially created a fruit-picking monster. We must have played it at least 20 times today. And Lord help me, but the night is still young. I have no doubt that we'll still manage to squeeze in at least five more rounds.

So here's to rainy Saturdays, Milton Bradley games, and spending the day in our jammies. It's a great way to do nothing, yet everything.

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Beverly said...

You know I love HHC-O ... and I love that he loved it too! And I love that y'all played it over and over again. And I love that it was raining. And I love that he *let* you have college football on in the background.

But I hate that my heart hurts from missing him.