Tuesday, September 08, 2009

tableau tuesday

One of my favorite [guiltless] pleasures in life is pictures. Even though I'm about as photographically talented as the rock I'm currently using as a doorstop, I feel somewhat empty-handed if I don't have my camera with me for a special occasion, or even just an every-day event.

I love the written word. No, scratch that. I'm captivated by the written word. But even more so, I adore the way a picture can trump even the most eloquent of poetry, as far as describing a moment in time.

So I thought I'd begin to dedicate a single blog day a week to one of life's great mediums: pictures.

Dictionary.com describes a tableau as "a vivid or graphic description" and "a ‘picture’ formed by living persons caught in static attitudes." Perfect!

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Beverly said...

Notice the glue oozing out of Tannehill's fingers. Dude is sick.