Friday, September 18, 2009

cheering from afar

The nastiness that has affectionately come to be known as pig flu (H1N1 for all you semantics freaks) is keeping me at home this weekend, rather than in College Station cheering on my Fightin' Texas Aggies as they do battle with the Aggies (yes, Aggies) from Utah State.

My little guy needs his mama to cuddle him and give him lots of fluids and love. So its sofa city for us this weekend.

But in spirit, I proudly and vehemently will be sending a stern message to my beloved Texas A&M: beat the ever livin' hell outta Utah State.

I'll miss the cold beer, warm burgers, good friends and roar of the 12th Man. Give 'em hell, boys.

Gig 'em.


Beverly said...

I will miss my boy. Tremendously. But he needs to mend. Take care of him.

We're not doing burgers -- we're doing sausage, tortillas, and several appetizers instead.

Beat the hell outta Utah State, H1N1, and my broken heart.

Mustang Sally said...

Oh, no!! Lots of loves and hugs from afar. Take care of that sweet boy - and take care of you, too. All our love.