Thursday, September 24, 2009

an apple a day

As a teacher, I've received countless trinkets and tidbits over the years related to my profession -- wooden school houses that hold post-it notes, Christmas ornaments that never get used, tacky "You're A+" stuff ... you get the drift. I don't mean to sound ungrateful or petty, its just rare when I come across something teacher-related that I'd ever really use.

It's odd, and I have no idea why its the case, but education seems to be one of the few professions where people feel the need to give a gift based on the job. I mean, I don't give my friends necklaces with calculators on them if they're CPAs ... but I digress.

So my rule of thumb regarding "teacher clothes" is that if it's not something I'd wear out to happy hour after work, it's not something I'd wear at all. Period. That's why I love what Jones New York has done for the past five years.

Founded in 2005, Jones New York in the classroom is a not-for-profit
organization dedicated to helping improve the quality of education for America's
children and inspiring others to do the same. Jones New York in the Classroom
benefits: TeachersCount, Fund for Teachers and Adopt-a-Classroom. The purchase of this tee, designed by Sujean Rim helps to support our cause.
Several teachers and friends at the school where I work have these shirts, and they're super cute ... yet fun and sassy! Way to go, Jones New York! Thanks for making the "perfect" teacher shirt! And best of all, it supports a good cause! Bravo!

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Beverly said...

Right before the start of the semester, I received an email about those (from one of the gazillions of education mailing lists I'm on--can't remember which one) and thought they were cute as well. Still a tad too "teachery" for my taste, but cute.