Tuesday, March 29, 2011

local color

Quietly tucked away on a back road in Exeter, NH is a nursery that I've been dying to stop at ever since we moved here. It's a place where I could spend hours, and totally lose track of time.

Last summer, it was full of geraniums, hydrangeas, and stars and stripes bunting. In the fall, it overflowed with pumpkins, scarecrows, and Indian corn. At Christmas time, it gloriously displayed fresh wreaths, bright poinsettias and twinkly lights. And now that it's spring time, I was simply unable to resist it's charms anymore.

Churchill's Gardens
is currently bursting with color. And on a sunny day, it's completely intoxicating.


Beverly said...

Gorgeous colors.
It's crazy how different the selection of flowers is in various parts of the country. That sounds stupid--I know climates are different--it's just nothing I considered, in terms of what nurseries offer.

Coastie Family of 5 said...

we love it there! We spend most our weekends at Churhills. The kids club is a fun way to get the boys excited about going. Just last weekend they both planted a variety of things. This weekend I believe it paint your own planter