Sunday, March 27, 2011

portsmouth park

The only adjective that comes to mind when describing our outing in Portsmouth yesterday is cold. I could actually throw in fun, sunny, beautiful, and bright, but in the end, cold overshadows all.

There's a great little dog park at South Mill Pond in Portsmouth, NH where we're able to take Daisy and Pepper for a taste of freedom and some mingling time with other canines. And right next to the dog park is a little playground that Aidan adores. Yesterday, while Aunt Beverly is here visiting from College Station, TX, he specifically requested a trip to his favorite park, so off we went.

I'm glad I bundled him up. But, truth be told, the wind still found a way to seep into our bones. My mom, who is currently visiting from Houston, chickened out on us and stayed in the car with Baby Paige. Have I mentioned that it was cold?

Spring time in New Hampshire is a whole other beast, as compared to spring time in Texas.

Another day. Another adventure.

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