Thursday, March 03, 2011

skinny bagel widda shmeer, side of heat

Who doesn’t love a big, crusty NYC deli-style bagel, served with cream cheese, lox and capers? Oy. I’m getting all ver clempt just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, not only is a loaded bagel unkind to one’s daily calorie count, it can be tough to find unless you live or work near a good Kosher deli.

As an alternative, one of my favorite, long-time breakfast routines is noshing on an “everything” bagel (poppy & sesame seeds and garlic), topped with a spicy substitute to capers – jalapeños. Add the cool smoothness of the cream cheese and a cup of hot coffee, and you have the perfect medley of morning flavors and textures.

A great way to eat this in guilt-free fashion is to use thin bagels. My favorite is a lightly-toasted “everything” Thomas 100-calorie bagel. And using low-fat (not the insipidly sweet fat-free version) cream cheese -– a tablespoon per slice – also helps keep things respectable. The grand total is only about 160 measly calories.

It sure ain’t the Carnegie Deli in Midtown, but it’ll certainly scratch a bagel itch when the craving hits you.

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